Homer is Gone!

Since I started this website in the late 1990s, I've had Homer Simpson's picture represent me. The particular image was taken from an episode of the Simpsons where Homer enters the third dimension, walking by a (false) disproof of Fermat's last theorem and a claim that P=NP. I thought Homer represented me great: a jolly, friendly guy who loves beer and donuts, and even though he may not be the brightest, he touched upon great mathematics in his special journey.

Well, things have changed. Back in those days, Homer was not the star of the Simpsons but instead Bart was, and that made me rather unique for having the Homer image. Nowadays, a Homer image is more common. Furthermore, for dietary reasons, I can no longer enjoy the fine cuisines of beer and donuts like I did an my youth. And to cap it off, I am no longer a jolly, friendly guy!

So I have decided that rather than representing myself by somebody else's creation who beared similarities to me, I now choose to represent myself by my artwork and the little guy who deserves the credit for my creations, both scientific and photographic. That is, the little man in my head. This little guy is the brains behind my work. He provides me with the ideas and the instructions on how to carry out the work that gets my name on it. But he deserves more credit than me: I just do what he tells me to do, make sure he gets enough rest, and treat him well. Everything else is due to him. Meet the little man in my head:

Little Man in My Head

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