I am especially grateful to Richard Brent for carefully checking the FactorWorld web site, suggesting many improvements and corrections, and allowing his papers to be linked to this web site. Thanks to Bruce Dodson for e-mailing the GNFS C116 and RSA-120 factorization announcements. As always, Arjen Lenstra provided many helpful remarks.

Moreover, the following people have generously given me permission to link their papers from the FactorWorld web site: Mark Manasse, Peter Montgomery, Phong Nguyen, Andrew Odlyzko, and Herman te Riele.

Thanks to John Pollard for sending his A Tale of Three Sieves poem!

Arjen Bot suggested some nice links to be included on FactorWorld.

Bill Richardson granted permission to quote John Pollard's article from the Mathematical Gazette.

I hope to make regular updates to FactorWorld, so please come back again!

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